The Miller Moth Cometh

The Miller Moth Cometh

A few weeks ago I noticed a few moths flying around my house. I thought nothing of it at first until I continued to see moths and dead moths around my house. One night I was looking out my front door and noticed a small army of them hanging out on the screen door. Okay, something is going on. After talking with others and doing some research I now know that miller moth (Euxoa auxiliaris) migration is what is going on right now. The miller moth is the adult form of the army cutworm. The army cutworm feeds on grasses in the winter and early spring and can wreak havoc on agriculture. The miller moth feeds on nectar from flowering plants from late spring to fall and migrates from the plains to the mountains in search of food. Eastern Colorado is part of their migratory path to higher elevation. I was happy to hear that they do not reproduce during their migration. I really do not need an army cutworm nursery in my house. The moths end up in homes because they seek shelter during the day and might squeeze into a crack in a door or wall to rest. There are no public health risks from having miller moths in your home. Migration was late this year due to wet conditions on the plains but as things dry out the migration will continue to higher elevation. That is if things dry out, we are in an El Nino year after all.

More about El Nino coming soon…

About the Illustration: The background is acrylic paint on canvas paper and the moth image is a transfer of a photocopy of a hand drawn image of a moth. This image is available via Redbubble.

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  1. Unfortunately the moths are still lingering at my house, but thanks to your info I feel much better knowing they are on their way out soon. The sooner the better!
    Love these illustrations and am wondering if they might be in your Etsy store someday as well?
    Just wondering:)


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