Sea Bunny Slippers

Sea Bunny Slippers

Currently the internet is going crazy over sea bunnies (Jorunna parva), a nudibranch found in the waters near Japan. They are called sea bunnies because of their “bunny-like ears” which are actually rhinophores, chemosensory organs that help guide them across the ocean floor by detecting chemical changes in the water. No, they do not hop along the ocean floor, they are not underwater rabbits. This current craze reminds me of the sea monkey rage back in the day and my disappointment that they were not monkeys but brine shrimp. There is nothing wrong with brine shrimp but nudibranchs are actually amazing creatures. Nudibranchs are marine gastropods that do not have shells. There are over 2,000 species of nudibranchs that are found all over the world and at different depths. They come in a variety of colors and shapes so expect more nudibranch illustrations in the future. For now, Google “nudibranchs” and behold the diversity.

About the Illustration

It is a straight up watercolor of a marine tweak on the old bunny ear slippers-sea bunny slippers. I know I would love a pair.

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