Marine Debris Illustration: I’m Not A Plastic Bag, A Graphic Novel


In addition to my own illustrations I thought I would write about some of the inventive ways science is communicated through art. I will primarily write about science graphic novels and other book formats but at some point I might highlight other “SciArt” endeavors. For those of you who are unaware of graphic novels, they are basically stories told through illustrations that run longer than your average comic book. Graphic novels explore different facets of life (or fantasy) and can be fictional, autobiographical, historical, scientific, etc… See the Graphic Novel Wikipedia page:

For my inaugural book post I chose “I’m Not A Plastic Bag, A Graphic Novel” by Rachel Hope Allison, forward by Jeff Corwin, and published by Archaia. The almost textless book revolves around the expanding marine garbage patches that can now be found around the world and one particular garbage patch. This particular patch is an actual living entity that tries to communicate with the surrounding sea life to help unload it’s burden (or in some cases to join him). Beautifully illustrated, this book brings an almost fairy tale-like quality to the issue of marine debris. This may rub some folks the wrong way because of the serious nature of marine debris but the book ends with some very clear language on the environmental hazards of marine debris. It could be a useful resource for educating children on litter and the environment.

For More Information:


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