The Science of Illustration Artwork and “Merch”

Cephalopod WeekBionic Rhino

If you were wondering where you could purchase some of the artwork displayed in my blog, there are two options Etsy or RedBubble. Etsy is an online market for handmade or vintage goods. RedBubble is an online market for artist prints and artist merchandise.

I sell original artwork from my blog through my Etsy shop, Science Stories: It currently features a few paintings from this blog (or inspired by this blog) as well as some remnants from “Stories and Tails”, the original name of my Etsy shop. The two paintings shown above (Cephalopod Week and Bionic Rhino) are currently on sale on Etsy.

The Future is CRISPRA Walk Among The Stars

In addition to Etsy, I am selling merchandise related to this blog (and other related artwork) through RedBubble: Now you can purchase iPhone cases, tote bags, stationary, and other products with the image of my artwork on it. The two illustrations shown above (Helix Hand and A Walk Among The Stars) are currently on RedBubble.

Additional artwork inspired by my blog will be available through my Etsy shop at some point but for now I am focusing on selling my artwork through RedBubble. Please let me know if there are other illustrations/ paintings from previous blog posts that you would like to see on RedBubble. I want to make sure there is a market for malformed frog merchandise before I offer malformed frog leggings to the world.

That is all for now. I will return to my usual science illustration posts.

Happy Tuesday,



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