A Murder of Crows

Crow Funeral

Crow Funeral

Happy Halloween People!

Here is a quick Halloween appropriate post for this week. Have you ever noticed a murder of crows around the body of a recently deceased brethren? Are these intelligent birds paying their respect? Do crow’s have funerals? Do they bury their fallen comrades? Alas no but it does make for lovely folklore. Actually what is most likely happening is the crows are observing and learning from the dead bird’s mistake or story so they will not duplicate it. Predator on the loose? Other danger in the area? Or is there open territory now that this bird has died? Other corvids (taxonomic family that includes ravens, magpies, and jays) appear to do the same.

About the Illustration:

Pencil, watercolor, and watercolor graphite-This week I channeled Edward Gorey with this illustration of a funeral for a crow. This image is available via Redbubble.

For more Information:

Kaeli Swift, a PhD student at the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences at the University of Washington is currently looking into these gatherings. Check out her blog: https://corvidresearch.wordpress.com




If you wondered about the story behind scarecrows check out the wonderful A-wing and A-way blog to learn more: https://awingandaway.wordpress.com/2015/10/04/scarecrow-season/


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