Happy 2016!

2016 Black Flamingo


I am starting the year off with a curious birding find, the black flamingo. First seen (possibly) in Israel in 2014 and again last year in Cyprus. This Greater Flamingo exhibits melanism, the opposite of albinism. Basically, it produces too much melanin thus the striking dark feathers. It is possibly the only one of its kind.

There are two Old World flamingo species, the Greater and Lesser. There are also four flamingo species found in the Americas: Chilean, Andean, James’s, and American. The Greater Flamingo is the largest of the flamingo species. It is also the most wide-spread.

I will be posting a longer piece later on this week. This post is my way of wishing you a happy new year and thanking you for following my blog. May 2016 be joyful for all of you!

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