Downloadable DNA


Data, data, data-there is ssssoooooo much of it! Some of it is important but some of it is, well, cat videos. But where do you store it all? Microsoft and the University of Washington are creating a process by which digital data can be stored within synthetic DNA by converting the ones and zeros used in digital data to synthetic Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine and Thymine (the building blocks of the genetic code). In addition, the team was able to retrieve specific data by encoding it and using Polymerase Chain Reaction or PCR to locate that data by their codes. DNA sequencing is used to read the retrieved data and help convert it back to it’s original state i.e. pictures, video, etc. DNA can store information in a highly dense formate that can (in appropriate conditions) stand the test of time. This technology has a long way to go but how cool is that? Your wedding videos and vacation photos could be stored in DNA someday. I love science!

About the Illustration: Watercolor and micron pens.

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