The World According To Cats

Version 3IMG_3657

The computers are getting a little closer to world domination. Researchers are working towards colorization of black and white images using artificial intelligence that requires no human assistance. Photoshop without the humanoid running the show. The concept behind this technology is based on convolutional neural networks. Basically supplying a computer with the ability to see and learn in a way that is similar to an animal. It is actually inspired by the visual cortex of animals (specifically cats). Although this may not appear to be a big deal it does bring us closer to the type of artificial intelligence that can truly understand the subtle nuances of life. Like the difference between Fancy Feast and Cat Chow.

About the Illustration: Colored pencils and micron pens. The thought process behind my illustration-Photo bombing as a form of autocorrection that shifts photo content from human servants to their feline masters (according to cats).

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