Podcast Love


Today’s post is my little homage to science podcasts. When I am drawing or painting I will most likely have a podcast playing in the background. There are so many wonderful offerings out there that you can listen to at home, working out, in the car, etc…

Here are a few of my favorites. What are yours?

Radio Labhttp://www.radiolab.org “Radiolab is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience.”

Science Fridayhttp://www.sciencefriday.com “Covering the outer reaches of space to the tiniest microbes in our bodies, Science Friday is the source for entertaining and educational stories about science, technology, and other cool stuff.”

The Adaptorshttp://www.theadaptors.org “Climate change is calling. The adaptors are responding. Adaptors are all around us: from the farmers and coastal-dwellers finding new ways to work and live, to the scientists thinking outside the box about energy, to the corporate leaders bringing new technologies to market, to the garage tinkerers and DIY inventors dreaming up the next big thing in green living. We want to introduce you to them, one story at a time.”

Stuff You Should Knowhttp://www.stuffyoushouldknow.com/podcasts/  “How do landfills work? How do oceans work? How do mosquitos work? Your curious mind has so many questions, but where can you find entertaining and enlightening answers? Join Josh and Chuck as they explore the science behind the Stuff You Should Know about everything from genes to the Galapagos. SYSK Covers lots of interesting facts about all the common things around us and how they work.”

The Hidden Brainhttp://www.npr.org/series/423302056/hidden-brain “The Hidden Brain project helps curious people understand the world – and themselves. Using science and storytelling, Hidden Brain reveals the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, the biases that shape our choices, and the triggers that direct the course of our relationships.”

Invisibiliahttp://www.npr.org/podcasts/510307/invisibilia “Invisibilia (Latin for invisible things) is about the invisible forces that control human behavior – ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions. Co-hosted by Lulu Miller, Hanna Rosin and Alix Spiegel, Invisibilia interweaves narrative storytelling with scientific research that will ultimately make you see your own life differently.”

About the Illustration: Colorful Brains. Brush pens and micron pens. This was inspired by the recent Invisibilia podcast “http://www.npr.org/player/embed/482311030/483296113” target=”_blank”>The Personality Myth“. Personalities are not as constant as one would think them to be. Which begs the question, do we really know anyone?

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