Ghost Whale


Meet Migaloo, an albino humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) that was first spotted off the coast of eastern Australia in the 1990’s. Migaloo is a member of the eastern Australian humpback whale population that migrates from Antarctica to eastern Australia to breed in the spring. Genetic testing determined that Migaloo is a male and definitely an albino although he has brown eyes and not the distinctive pink eyes of albinism. While albinism is rare in marine mammals there are others like Migaloo such as the albino grey whale recently spotted off the coast of Mexico. Her name is Gallon of Milk, I’m not joking. Generally albinism is not very helpful for most wildlife as it makes it that much harder to hide from predators. For these giants of the sea the impact of albinism is yet unknown.

About this Illustration: Micron pen on bristle paper. A whole lot of dots…

Soon to be available for purchase as a 9×12 print.


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