I’ll Have The Fish & Chips, Hold The Microbeads


Earlier this month the United Kingdom announced that microbeads would be banned by 2017 in all personal care and household products. Microbeads are small pieces of plastic incorporated into a variety of products such as face wash, toothpaste, and laundry detergent as an exfoliant. Concern for the environment fueled this policy action as these pieces of plastic go down the drain and eventually end up in the water. The accumulation of microbeads means the likelihood of aquatic life consuming them is pretty high. In addition to the health consequences fish and other aquatic life experience from consuming plastic, microbeads also enter the food chain and end up on our plate.

The United States banned microbeads in toothpaste and face wash in early 2016. 

Plastic bags and other plastic products are still significant contributors to plastic waste in the oceans and other aquatic bodies.

For More Information: Beat the Microbeads


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