Sciart Design for the Holidays


So now onto design in the sciart world. I define this as jewelry, fashion, sculpture, 3-D stuff…

Nervous System: “combines scientific research, computer graphics, mathematics, and digital fabrication to explore a new paradigm of product design and manufacture”. They create jewelry (as seen above), puzzles, home decor, fashion…

Cultured Algae Locally-sourced seaweed home decor and science kits

Fraggles & Friggles Science T-shirts

Somersault18:24 Science-inspired jewelry

Ontogenie Science-inspired jewelry

The Vexed Muddler Science-inspired jewelry

Artomic Science-inspired jewelry

Mesh Cloud 3-D printed home decor

Cognitive Surplus Barware and more

This is not an exhaustive list but if this peaks your interest you can check out my Sciart Design Pinterest Board for more sciart design goodness!



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