A Day By The River

My first art fair has come and gone and it was a wonderful experience. Right by the water with music and other local artists. The event raised money for Boulder County (where I live) arts. I hope to do more art fairs in the near future. As the holidays draw near consider attending local art/ craft/ artisan fairs. You might find some amazing work and you will be helping the local economy. Happy Friday!

The King Of All Tides


During a Supermoon/ King Tide event last year an octopus ended up in a parking garage in Miami. A King Tide is an exceptionally high tide. Last year I wrote about Supermoons in “I See A Bad Moon Rising” but basically it is the occurrence of a full or new moon at the closest point to the earth during it’s orbital path (so it looks super big). Sea level rise due to climate change exacerbate the impacts of a King Tide, leading to an increase in  coastal flooding events. And perhaps more cephalopod sightings?

About the Illustration: Watercolor, India ink, and micron pens. Inspired by the work of Yuko Shimizu (one of my favs). This illustration can be purchased as an 8.5×11 inch print through my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/518660474/the-king-of-all-tides-art-print

Art Merchandise Sale!


20% of all my sciart merchandise today at RedBubble: http://rdbl.co/2dNRyQK Code: SPOOKY20 The artwork found on the merchandise is my own and comes directly from my blog posts or is inspired by science and nature. RedBubble creates high quality products (iPhone cases, tote bags, t-shirts, dresses, scarves, mugs, etc…) incorporating artwork from their community of artists. Merchandise is manufactured as orders are placed and shipped directly to your door. The holidays are right around the corner…