These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Inventive and unique Science and Art organizations, podcasts, writers, artists, websites, publications, etc…that are thinking outside of the box and making science approachable, fun, and thought-provoking.


The Adaptors, a podcast that focuses on climate adaptation:

Science Friday, another reason to look forward to Friday:

Radio Lab, a creative and memorable science podcast:

The Hidden Brain, a podcast that focuses on social science:


SciArt Center (NYC, NY):

Art. Science. Gallery (Austin, TX):

Beakerhead (Calgary, Alberta):

Made with Code, bringing more girls into the world of coding:

Girls who Code, working to close the gender gaps in the technology and engineering sectors:

Zooniverse, online citizen science platform for astronomy to zoology:

Nerd Nite, Science and story telling coming to a city near you:

The Story Collider, stories about science:


Mad Art Lab:

2 New Things, non-fiction bedtime stories for curious kids:

ASAP Science, science-based YouTube channel:

Stated Clearly, genetics and evolution animation:


Isaac Cordal, a Spanish artist who uses sculpture to comment about the environment:

Klari Reis, a new petri dish painting a day:

Stitching Science, an international collective of textile artists that center their work around science:

Heather Barnett, interdisciplinary artist focused on biological systems:

Beatrice the Biologist, science comics:

Bird and Moon, science and nature comics:

Jill Pelto, an artist and scientist who focuses on climate change and it’s impact on the environment:


Grrl Scientist, an evolutionary biologist and ornithologist who writes about evolution and ecology for The Guardian:

Elizabeth Kolbert, author of The Sixth Extinction:

Carl Zimmer: National Geographic’s blog The Loom:

Andy Revkin, New York Times Dot.Earth Blog:


Nautilus Magazine:

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